Swedish girl birched

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Description: Naughty Swedish girls get birched on the bare.
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henke_3 - 2816 days ago
Sorry Epifor.....but you are not using the birch in the correct way....\nBirch should be applied from behind the girl not from the side. The birch should also be given in different angles\nto better let the branches punish all part of her cheeks.\nYou could email me (henke_3@hotmail.com) if you would like to learn to use the birch.
vlysw - 2850 days ago
Outstanding, and thank you for posting. Love your videos. Love the birch, too. Do not mind the offensives and know-it-alls. I can understand, and sympathize with repeated attempts at covering by mrs. Epifor: birch stings keenly, and those switches straying higher up waistward and to the sides are actually the least bearable. Love the birch, have I said that?
epifor - 2851 days ago
Thanks for your support arbuthnot. We leave it up to people to think whatever they want about our videos. And as you point out it is free. If we were to advertise our videos as "severe spankings" and take people's money I can understand their frustration. That is not the case however.
arbuthnot - 2851 days ago
@ blauereiter -I understand your frustration. You pay all that money to join this site, then someome goes and posts something you don't like. It's an outrage, an OUTRAGE, I tell you!\n\n@ epifor& mrs epifor -your spankings are rather on the mild side for my taste, but you have many admirers on here and even more respecters, like me. Take no notice of the knockers and keep posting your clips which so many people enjoy.
epifor - 2851 days ago
This is something we both enjoy sassygirlie otherwise we would not do it. Making spanking videos is part of our relationship and is based on mutual consent.
sassygirlie - 2851 days ago
Don't you feel like you are devaluing your relationship with putting your wife's bare butt out there for everyone???
epifor - 2851 days ago
I and Mrs Epifor will take your suggestion under consideration.
Orcus - 2852 days ago
Cute video. :-) \n\nblauereither: Well, good thing there are lots of other videos to see. \n\nbigbadwolf99: That seems like a good idea. Perhaps their next video will have some bondage in it. :-)
blauereiter - 2852 days ago
Sick and tired of these "massage things" that you call birching.
bigbadwolf99 - 2852 days ago
Very nice wideo mr. & mrs. Epifor. But tere is no secret that I love your spanking clips. I wonder if you could talk mrs. Epifor to do a spanking clip in some bondage. Tied spread eagle to the bed with a cushion under her hips much like in this clip. THen give her a selection of implement :) I think it would be very HOT and erotic to see mrs. Epifor in some bondage while she gets a good spanking. - Well, a guy can only wish - Keep up the good work though. I love your spanking clips so please post more :) Wolf_99
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