OTK with hairbrush

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Description: I was told that my wife did not take her studies seriously so something had to be done ...
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PlaneJane - 2253 days ago
So-so hairbrushing. He should take a lesson from my husband who tears my butt completely up with the hairbrush.
GingerSpanker - 2434 days ago
i may be wrong but i dont think you spanked nearly hard or long enough for her to learn her lesson
waycross - 2886 days ago
After you spank lightly for a while, try very gradually increasing the severity of your spanks. It's been my experience that as the bottom becomes accustomed to being spanked, and a bit numb, it accepts greater levels of pain, Also, your increasingly submissive acceptance of your punishment mentally prepares you for harder spanks. If these steps are taken at a nice, slow pace, coupled with lots of pauses to rub the bottom, you may even find the spankee actually requesting harder spanks, even begging, if it's all done just right. This will greatly increase the enjoyment of the spanking for both parties.
epifor - 2948 days ago
Nice comment on her bottom forming a smiley face. We did not think of that.
milt57 - 2949 days ago
Cute bottom, you should use your hand and spank harder. There is nothing more erotic then the feel of a girls heinie. It was a fair clip.
Macy - 2949 days ago
Oh my gosh, how cute! The dimples on her lower back make her backside look like a smiley face! Nice video too!
spankoinME - 2949 days ago
Hey epifor, you and your wife (name?) have a wonderful thing going on, and it's beautiful, Lucky you and lucky us cuz you share it, thank you very much, and many more...
chad50 - 2949 days ago
Its so dark you can't see hardly anything and you spank like a pussy, other than that it was fair.
gisselkk - 2950 days ago
Awe, you guys seem like such a sweet couple! Love your videos!
TheNewGirl - 2950 days ago
I agree with NaughtyT, nice video Epifor, thanks for sharing
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